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Winter Soup with Chicken & Cheese Tortellini

It was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday, quite chilly with the temperature not going above 7 degrees.. Cold right! 🙂  I took Charlie for his morning walk to the park and was so fascinated with the colored leaves on the trees,  just absolutely stunning.  I wanted to take photos […]

Dinner, Lunch, Sea Food

Honey & Mustard glazed Salmon

Salmon, what can I possibly say about this besides that it is so healthy to eat.  Packed with  Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, healthy healthy healthy!  My husband and I are really not big on eating fish, but he does enjoy eating fried or baked Sardines once in a while, and he […]


A sip of Awesomeness Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Hi there!!!  🙂  I came across this fantastic hot chocolate recipe the other day from a blogger who I am unable to find now ufff, to thank her for posting this awesome hot chocolate recipe.  🙂 I am not even sure there can be anything else so delicious as this […]


Blueberry Muffin Delight

I enjoy reading a good book, and watching a good series or the moment I am between two books the first one is from fellow blogger James J. Cudney, from “Watching Glass Shatter” who just published his book, how exciting for him and for us who has the chance to read […]


Dutch Cook Book

The other day, a really good friend of mine had the day off from work, so we decided to spend the day going to Vintage/Second hand stores.  I saw many wonderful things, from furniture to children’s books to clothes.  We actually went to 4 different of these stores that day, […]