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Baked Cannelloni filled with Spinach and Light Cream Cheese Recipe

Baked Cannelloni stuffed with Spinach and light Cream Cheese Recipe

Hello, Another delicious recipe I posted back in 2019,  stuffed Cannelloni yummmmmy.!! 🙂   Hello foodie friends, 🙂 Back with another recipe today, Pastaaaaa let’s all say P A S T A!!!  I love Italian Food, Lasgana, Linguini, Tagliatte Pasta. i think I love Italian food just as much as […]

flatbread, lagana, sesame seeds,

Greek Flatbread (Lagana) Recipe

Hey there everyone, Happy Kathari Deutera…2023     Hey there foodie friends, Kathara Deutera is the first day of Lent in the Greek Religion. So, I am posting one of our traditional Greek Flatbread (Lagana) recipes.  This flatbread is prepared on Kathara Deutera Clean Monday or otherwise known as Ash Monday.  […]

Creamy cheesecake is made with cream cheese and whipped cream. Strawberry and blueberry toppings.
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Creamy Cheesecake Recipe

Hey there fellow foodies, I believe that Cheesecakes are in the top five of the most loved desserts.  One of my favorites is this Creamy Cheesecake Recipe.  I started by making the crust with plain cookies and added vanilla extract to the crushed cookies.  I used unsalted butter for the […]

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Monthly Notes

Kalo Mina – Good Month

Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is well.  I would like to wish everyone, a wonderful, healthy, productive Kalo Mina!!     Have a good morning/afternoon/evening   Sophie 🙂

kidney beans and white beans combined with carrots, peppers, herbs, and tuna are placed in a white bowl. Drizzled olive oil, lemon juice and lemon zest. To the right I have placed wooden salad serving tools, to the top left there is greek olive oil in a small jar and to the left of the jar there are cherry tomatoes and a lemon.

Two bean salad with Arugula and Tuna

Hey there, It has been quite hot these past few days so it was time to make something refreshing a Two bean salad with Arugula and Tuna.  Combining two different types of beans with herbs and tuna make this deliciously tasty salad.  For those of you who may not know […]

chckpea salad with herbs and tomatoes on rye bread with chips on the side and a cherry tomato

Chickpea with tomato and herb Sandwich

  So, I guess you’ve noticed that Sandwich recipes are trending, at least for me and my blog.  My last post was a Greek Spanakopita Sandwich which if you have not yet tried you absolutely should because it is so tasty.  This time it’s this Chickpea with tomato and herb […]

This a greek version of the French yogurt cake. In the background there is sugar bowl, milk jar, coffee cup with nature in the background
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Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake Recipe

Hello foodie friends, I’ve been back baking again this week and wanted to share this Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake Recipe.  This Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake recipe is a great snack or dessert and has a delicious taste, made easy with a few simple ingredients.  Most Yogurt cake recipes have olive […]

Spanakopita toastie cut in half and stack one on top of the other.
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Greek Spanakopita Toastie

Hey there foodie friends, Ok, so here’s a new version of how to eat Spanakopita.  If you don’t know what Spanakopita is it’s Spinach with Feta cheese and a whole bunch of fresh delicious herbs.  Spanakopita is traditionally made with Greek phyllo dough sheets or phyllo dough either with homemade […]