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Baked Cannelloni filled with Spinach and Light Cream Cheese Recipe

Baked Cannelloni stuffed with Spinach and light Cream Cheese Recipe

Hello, Another delicious recipe I posted back in 2019,  stuffed Cannelloni yummmmmy.!! 🙂   Hello foodie friends, 🙂 Back with another recipe today, Pastaaaaa let’s all say P A S T A!!!  I love Italian Food, Lasgana, Linguini, Tagliatte Pasta. i think I love Italian food just as much as […]

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Lagana Greek Flatbread Recipe

Hey there everyone, Hope everyone is well.  I haven’t been able to cook or post recipes the past few months and so I will be reposting a few that were liked by you. Happy Kathari Deutera…2022   –  Sophie   Hey there foodie friends, A simple Lagana Greek Flatbread Recipe that […]

Monthly Notes

Kalo Mina – Good Month

Hello Dear Foodie Friends,     A new month has begun and so I would like to wish each and every one of you a healthy, happy, fun, and productive Kalo Mina.    Sophie 🙂


Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe

Hey there, I was looking for a specific Chocolate Marble cake recipe in some of the cookbooks that I have on hand.  I wasn’t sure if I needed two or four eggs.  Then I picked up my mother-in-law’s personal cookbook with all sorts of recipes and I found her Chocolate […]

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Stir Fry Vegetables in Oyster Sauce

I Hello friends, This is a  simple recipe that is full of delicious and colorful veggies and it’s a Stir Fry Vegetables in Oyster Sauce.  This recipe is an all-in-one wok pot and I’m sure you have tried similar recipes with vegetables so I am just going to share my […]

Air Fryer Breaded Herb Mushrooms with Greek Yogurt Dip on a wooden plate and the greek yogurt in a wooden small bowl
Side Dish

Air Fryer Breaded Herb Mushrooms

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and mainly had fun.  This Air Fryer Breaded Herb mushroom recipe is my first recipe of the year very simple, with just a few ingredients.   The main ingredient for this recipe is  Mushrooms.  I am a huge fan […]

Monthly Notes

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years’ Celebration.  It’s time to start a new chapter in our books so go ahead and turn the page and go after your dreams, and goals, and don’t forget to have fun!! I would like to wish everyone a wonderful […]