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beLOUDR New Social Media Platform

Hey there foodie friends, Ok, guys so here it is if you have not yet come across this new Social Media Platform well here it is…peeps I would like to introduce to you a new Social Media Platform “beloudr”.  A few months ago while speaking to friend  @kouzounaskitchen she mentioned […]

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Egg Bruschetta Recipe

Hi foodie friends, Spring has finally arrived, but it’s still cold here. I am looking out of my window and all I am able to see at the moment is fog. This is definitely not Spring weather. 🙂   I took part in an Egg Collaboration on IG last month with […]


A Taste of Greece Virtual Cooking Class

Hey there foodie friends,   Chef Krystina from  is hosting a Greek Pita Bread virtual cooking class!!  I joined one of Chef Krystina’s Virtual Cooking classes in the past and it was interesting and fun!!  There are just a few tickets left…so go try out this cooking class I am […]

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Behind The Greek Apron Podcast

Hey there foodies friends, Ok, so we finally did it our first episode of Behind The Greek Apron Podcast has been uploaded. I would like to thank Krystina from @kouzounaskitchen who invited me to come along on this adventure.  I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever […]

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Lagana Greek Flatbread Recipe

Hey there foodie friends, A simple Lagana Greek Flatbread Recipe that even beginners can pull off.  This flatbread is prepared on Kathara Deutera or otherwise known as Ash Monday.  In the Greek Religion, Kathara Deutera is the first day of Lent.  On the first day of Lent, we celebrate by […]

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Greek Tzatziki Recipe

This Greek Tzatziki Recipe is a well-known appetizer especially to those who know of Greek cuisine and love garlic.  It is made with freshly grated cucumber, garlic, greek yogurt, olive oil, and my absolutely favorite herb Dill.   The traditional Greek Tzatziki recipe does not contain dill, but as the years […]