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The Results Are In — AMERICA ON COFFEE

Hey there, I am reposting the results from the 2020 Great Blogger’s Bake Off…So many fantastic recipes from fabulous bloggers.  Enjoyyyy!!   Thank you all so much for your FABULOUS submissions to the 2020 Great Blogger’s Bake-Off and Summer Picnic. We had over 60 submissions, from bakers … The… Read more […]

Simple Chickpea Salad
Salads, Vegetarian

Mediterranean Roasted Chickpea Salad

Hey foodie friends,  Chickpeas, Lentil, Beans all make delicious recipes.  It seriously does not get any simpler than this Mediterranean Roasted Chickpea Salad recipe.  A few ingredients and you have a healthy meal that can be eaten hot or cold.  I waited until it cooled off and then ate the […]

Mushrooms sauteed in Honey Balsamic Vinegar

Sauteed Mushrooms in Honey Balsamic Vinegar

Hey there,  How is everyone today?  With this heat, we weren’t bbq much but we were eating so many other delicious appetizers.  For example this tasty sauteed Mushroom.  These mushrooms were so good that I ended up eating them all by myself. 🙂  Hubby is not really a mushroom eater […]

Salmon Lettuce Salad with Honey Balsamic Dressing
Dressings, Salads

Salmon Lettuce Salad with Honey Balsamic Dressing

Hello, 🙂 I have not been cooking these past few days, just preparing salads, because who could possibly cook in this heat. I had some greens in my fridge.  Went to work on preparing my Salmon salad. 🙂  But it’s not the salad that I am aiming for you to […]

Appetizers, Dips

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Hellooooo, We are having a heatwaveeee and It seems that this will continue for at least 10 more days. But this is what summer is all about right? hot days, beach, BBQ, and well you get the idea.  I remember my childhood summers in NY, gosh it was hot, sticky […]


Chocolate Chip Cupcake / Muffin Party

Hello 🙂 Catching up with friends who live around the world has been difficult these past few months.  So, I sent out a message last week and mentioned to them that we should have a Virtual Coffee/Cupcake Party.  They loved the idea!!  We all prepared different cupcakes, and or muffins […]