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Our little neighborhood Dutch Cook Shop

Hello everyone 🙂 I was walking around our historical town, which is about 2 blocks from where my house is by foot, and thought to myself that you might enjoy seeing a Dutch Cook Shop.  I came across this store when we first moved here a few years ago and […]

One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to thank EsmĂ© for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am grateful and humbled by this nomination.  EsmĂ© is a lovely, kind person that has a super great blog.  Please pop over and visit her blog, I am sure you will love it. 🙂 […]

Blogger Recognition Award

This is the second award nomination I was very happy, to receive.  I am so honored and humbled to receive this nomination from a very special lady Dee dee, very gifted she blogs, runs, climbs, cooks, photographs and much much more.  Please go over and visit her blog Invisible-No-More.com,  it […]

Mystery Blogger Award 2 and 3

A while back in May actually I was nominated for this award, and I have to apologise for posting this so late… A true surprise to me as I considered myself and still do to be very new to be nominated for any award.   I would like to thank […]