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Breakfast recipes

Artisan Bread French Toast topped with maples syrup and fruits.

French Toast with Artisan Bread

Hey there foodie friends, Breakfast time!!   This Artisan Bread French Toast recipe has been sitting in my draft box for just under two years.  I was looking through my posts and I remembered that I never posted this recipe.  It was about time that I posted it.  I mean seriously!!  […]

Orange, Mango Lime Smoothie in a small bottle with a straw and a blender in the background.

Orange Mango Lime Smoothie

Hey foodie friends, Smoothies at least for me don’t have a season.  Granted, when the weather is hot it is refreshing, but what stops us from drinking smoothies in the winter?  As you can see, it doesn’t stop me because I love smoothies and fresh juice all year round.  This […]

white board in the background, eggs in a bowl, wooden plates with forks and a cast iron skillet with egg frittata made with vegetables, parmesan and goat cheese

Easy Frittata Brunch Recipe

This Frittata recipe saved me these past months.  Let me correct that Paella and Frittata were the most cooked dishes while we were waiting for our kitchen.   If I remember correctly the last time I prepared Paella was in July.  (I mean wow that was a whole lot of seafood […]

Cast Iron Baked eggs and roasted potatoes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is definitely true.  Growing up breakfast was a big deal in our house and still is in my home.  Have you ever tried roasting potatoes and then baking the eggs?  Yes? No?  Well, if not then this recipe is a […]