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various vegetables combined in a deep frying pan with rice. This easy vegetable risotto is delicious and tasty
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Easy Vegetable Risotto Recipe

Hey there foodie friends, I am back with another delicious Risotto recipe a very Easy Vegetable Risotto Recipe!!.  The other day,  while I was cooking, I thought of how many bowls, plates, etc we need just to prepare one recipe.  I’m not even going to touch the pot and pan […]

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Happy Easter

Hello Dear Foodie Friends,   I hope that everyone is doing well and getting ready for Easter.      I am wishing everyone a    Happy Easter       Have a wonderful time with your friends and family.   I will be off for the next two weeks so […]

Madeleine Orange Buttter Cookies, Tea pot in the background/
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Madeleine Orange Butter Cookie Recipe

 Hey there, Spring has arrived and Easter is next week, I thought of re-posting this wonderful French Madeleine Orange Butter Cookie Recipe just in case you would like to give the recipe a try.  Have a great morning/afternoon/evening everyone. 🙂   Hi there everyone, Whenever I bake these delicious shell-shaped […]

Carrot sticks roasted with fresh garlic, parmesan cheese and fresh parsley
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Carrot fries with garlic and parmesan cheese

Hey there friends, Easter is slowly coming around so for those of you, foodie friends hosting Easter at home this year check out these delicious Carrot  Fries with garlic and parmesan cheese recipe.  These crispy carrot fries or sticks are easy to prepare and a treat everyone will love.  Easter […]

Tzatziki, cucumber, grater, pita bread
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Greek Tzatziki Recipe

This Greek Tzatziki Recipe is a well-known appetizer especially to those who know of Greek cuisine and love garlic.  It is made with freshly grated cucumber, garlic, greek yogurt, olive oil, and my absolutely favorite herb Dill.   The traditional Greek Tzatziki recipe does not contain dill, but as the years […]