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Spicy Feta Cheese and Vegetable Bake

Hey there, Do you ever have one of those days where you just stand in front of the fridge staring inside? And you think that there is nothing in there.  Yesterday, was one of thoseeee days for me.  I realized that I must have been standing there for a while […]

Roasted Lime and Olive Oil Marinated Sardines

Roasted Lime & Olive Oil marinated Sardines

Hello friends, Greeks love appetizers, but then again who doesn’t.  On Sunday I had planned to make a few appetizers to nibble on before our late lunch.  My husband wanted Sardines, so on Saturday morning, I headed to our local fish store.  I bought a couple of Fresh Sardines.  The […]

Vegetable Pizza Tarte

Vegetable Pizza Tart

Hey everyone!! We will be having a very warm day today but it should be nice over the weekend.  Rain seems to be in the forecast for next week, but honestly, I don’t mind.  When it’s hot in Nl there is way too much humidity and it makes it difficult […]

Pan Fried Greek Graviera Cheese with Honey

Hey everyone  🙂 I love the combination of sweet and salty?  Do you?  This first time I tried this combo I was about 15 years old. Salty potatoes chips and oatmeal cookies with raisins were my first sweet and salty combo hahaha…by the way oatmeal cookies are still my favorite […]

Smoked Paprika Peppers with Feta Cheese Dip

Hiii, What did everyone do over the weekend?  Getting in some nap time.  I did get some sleep but also needed to take a break from talking because I lost my voice.  I talk for so many hours per day that at some point it was inevitable that my voice […]

Mushroom Gyra

Mushroom Gyro Recipe

Heeeyyy, How is everyone?  I hope that everyone is hanging in there and social distancing.  I had the opportunity to meet my brother, it has been about 2 months.  It was great, we were not able to sit at any cafes but we were able to find an outdoor area […]