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Monthly Notes

Good Month / Kalo Mina

  I know each month I post a Good Month hoping and wishing everyone that this new month would be different from the previous one.  I do hope this little monthly post might put a smile on faces.   I would like to send everyone my POSITIVE VIBES hoping and wishing […]

Good Month / Kalo Mina

Wow!!  Where did June go??  This month compared to the previous ones went by so fast.     I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy Good Month   Please be careful and stay safe!!     Sophie 🙂  

Tips and Tricks with Milk

Hellooo, How is everyone? Last week we were having a mini heatwave which is very unusual around this time of year…:)Then the weekend was a bit dreary with rain and a cold front.  I woke up early this morning and found that the sun is shining again. And  I could […]

Good Month / Kalo MIna

Hey there everyone,  I hope everyone is doing well during these difficult times.  I read the other day that the government of NL will slowly start lifting the restriction. Maybe this is a sign that we might be going back to normality.  🙂   This is the beginning of a […]

Milk Phot

Spoiled Milk Tips and Tricks

Heyyy there, How many times a week or month do you clean out your fridge?  Once? Twice? Never?? hahahaha  It happens with these busy lives that we all have (well when things were normal!! not now)  we forget to clean the fridge.  Well, I don’t know about the rest of […]