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Kalo Pascha kai Kali Anastasi

I would like to wish my Family, Friends, Blogger Friends, Students, and anyone who is celebrating Easter this Sunday,    KALO PASCHA KAI KALI ANASTASI   FILIA POLLA KAI NA PROSEXETE!!   SOPHIE  

Mini Pipe Pasta with Chickpea, Kidney Beans Tomato Sauce

Mini Pipe Pasta with Chickpea and Kidney Bean Tomato Sauce

Hi Foodie Friends, Happy Easter to all!! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Holiday and I know it must have been odd not having family members or friends over.   I guess you already know that begin Greek I will be celebrating Easter this coming Sunday.  Celebrating Easter this year […]

Profiterole (Custard Cream filled Puffs garnished with Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Profiteroles (Custard Cream filled Puffs garnished with homemade Chocolate Sauce)

Hey there everyone 🙂 Going to the supermarket is not as exciting as it used to be at least for me.  I used to pop in and out of the Supermarket whenever I wanted.  I took my time and I am mean seriously took my time shopping for ingredients.  Now, […]

Easy No Knead Homemade Bread

Easy No Knead Homemade Bread Recipe

Hey guys, How are things?  I hope everyone is well…Would love to hear from you!!   I am confused with something uff  A few days ago I read that as food bloggers we should not be writing content that has to do with our lives.  All we should be doing is […]