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green beans, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, chopped cheddar cheese

Roasted Green Beans with Cheddar Cheese

Hey everyone, So, my latest recipe is this Roasted Cheddar Cheese Green Beans.  Green Beans were never my go-to vegetable.  Spinach, Green Beans, Peas!!  Never!!!  I would always tell my mom.    (Spinach actually has become one of my favorites!)  🙂  At the beginning of the year, I planted seeds.  […]

Roasted Lime and Olive Oil Marinated Sardines

Roasted Lime & Olive Oil marinated Sardines

Hello friends, Greeks love appetizers, but then again who doesn’t.  On Sunday I had planned to make a few appetizers to nibble on before our late lunch.  My husband wanted Sardines, so on Saturday morning, I headed to our local fish store.  I bought a couple of Fresh Sardines.  The […]

Beer Roasted Baby Pototoes

Beer Roasted Baby Potatoes

Hello foodie friends. So, how is everyone?  Is there anyone out there????  Yesterday, was really quite scary.   On a normal day, I would take Charlie out early in the morning.  But due to the circumstances I now take him out around 11 am.  So, this is what happened, I opened […]

Roasted Broccoli & Carrots with Homemade Sauce

Roasted Broccoli and Carrots topped with homemade sauce

Hey there everyone! Thank you all very much for your lovely wishes.  I have many things to be thankful for this year, and one is that my husband is still here after his severe heart attack in August.  I am grateful for my family, friends and of course I am […]

Roasted Peas with Sun Dried Tomaotes and Mozzarella

Roasted Peas with Sun Dried Tomatoes & Mozzarella

Hey there!! How is everyone?  Well, Fall has arrived here with non stop rain.  I think I may have seen just a few sun rays for a few seconds the other day but that’s about it.  Ok, but  the fact is that I do love this season, the brown color […]

Beetroot Salad with Greek Yogurt

Beetroot Salad with Greek Yogurt

Hey foodie friends, This morning I woke up feeling as if the walls were coming down on me.  I didn’t sleep well, tossed and turned most of the night.  I was trying to understand what has happened in my life.  It has been one of the hardest summers that I […]