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roasted brie garnished with honey , walnuts and pomenegrate
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Easy baked Brie with Honey Recipe

Hi fellow foodies, Most people like to prepare this baked Brie appetizer for the holidays.  Not me, I’m not the type of person who follows all the trends.   Since I was in a festive mood over the weekend, don’t ask me why it was just one of my happy moods.  […]

Mango, Pomegranate, Greek olive in a bowl with green lettuce.

Mango Pomegranate Green Lettuce Salad

Hello foodie friends, How is everyone? I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  We had a nice weekend, we found another park close to our home to take Charlie.  Let me tell you did he do some serious running around.  Unfortunately,  it was very windy so there weren’t many dogs at […]


Behind the Greek Apron Episode 4

Hey there foodie friends, Our Fourth Episode of “Behind the Greek Apron” is live.  Due to a tragedy, we were not able to upload this episode sooner.  🙁 Krystina and I hope you enjoy this episode we talk about Greek Easter and recipes. Have a great Sunday everyone!! Sophie 🙂

green and black olives, oregano, salt, olive oil
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Roasted Olives, Feta Cheese and Garlic Recipe

Hey there, A new week has begun and I am starting the day with this simple and sooo tasty recipe.  This roasted olive with feta cheese garlic dish is a great starter, appetizer.  We Greeks love appetizers!  Believe me, when it comes to appetizers sometimes, I prefer appetizers to the […]

bread, bacon, baked eggs,tomatoes, onions
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BLT Greek Style Sandwich Recipe

Hi there, This might not seem like the usual BLT sandwich but it is a BLT Greek Style sandwich that you just might like.  I have seen many versions of this sandwich and in the past, before becoming a Vegetarian I have tried a few myself.  It’s definitely a go-to […]

brown bowl on a white kitchen towel, filled with pasta and tomato

Tomato Soup and Pasta Recipe

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well.   There is one more soup that I must tell you about this Tomato Soup with Pasta Recipe.   In the Greek Religion, most people fast for 40 days before Easter.  Buttt that is not is always the case when you are a child […]