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This a greek version of the French yogurt cake. In the background there is sugar bowl, milk jar, coffee cup with nature in the background

Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake Recipe

Hello foodie friends, I’ve been back baking again this week and wanted to share this Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake Recipe.  This Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake recipe is a great snack or dessert and has a delicious taste, made easy with a few simple ingredients.  Most Yogurt cake recipes have olive […]

Madeleine Orange Buttter Cookies, Tea pot in the background/

Madeleine Orange Butter Cookie Recipe

 Hey there, Spring has arrived and Easter is next week, I thought of re-posting this wonderful French Madeleine Orange Butter Cookie Recipe just in case you would like to give the recipe a try.  Have a great morning/afternoon/evening everyone. 🙂   Hi there everyone, Whenever I bake these delicious shell-shaped […]

A bundt size Apple cake with chunks of bite size apples scattered. Garnished with powdered sugar on top.

Easy Apple Cake Recipe

Hey there foodie friends, How was your weekend? I woke up on Saturday thinking that it was time to bake.  Chocolate was definitely not a key ingredient this time around.  I had a few apples in my fruit bowl, so it was the perfect opportunity to make an Apple Cake.  […]

stack pecan cookies in a baking tray

Pecan Cookie Recipe

Hello friends, Last year was a very busy year, filled with excitement and sadness.  Once December came around I knew that I wanted to set new goals for 2023.  One of my goals is to become more involved in baking.  So, I purchased two baking cookbooks that I have started […]

Baked brownies in a stack of two topped with mini star shaped cookies

Walnut Brownie Recipe

ThHelloooo For Valentine’s, I debated whether  I should make these Walnut Brownies into heart shapes.  There are so many posts of heart-shaped cookies, cakes, and brownies, posted on the net these past few days for me it was way too much.  I thought about it for a while and decided […]

Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe

Hey there, I was looking for a specific Chocolate Marble cake recipe in some of the cookbooks that I have on hand.  I wasn’t sure if I needed two or four eggs.  Then I picked up my mother-in-law’s personal cookbook with all sorts of recipes and I found her Chocolate […]