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Moussakas Classic

  Hello everyone!!!  I Just got back from walking my dog on this beautiful sunny morning.  It is so colorful outside,  flowers, trees, plants in the gardens are all blooming. People walking about enjoying the weather.  Well, Spring is here, and Summer is just around the corner,  and what I  […]

Pasta, Vegetables

Baked Lasagna with Zucchini and Feta Cheese

Hello!!! Hello!!   We are having lovely Sunny weather the last two days in the Netherlands,  still a bit chilly; but just waking up and seeing the Sun shine just makes my day.  Anyway,  I made this dish today, it is one of my favorite recipes baked Zucchini with Pasta […]


Pasta Bolognese ala Greek Style

Hi everyone,  while I was drinking my morning coffee looking out the window and watching the rain,  ( I live in the Netherlands and it rains quite often, so this was not much of a shocker 🙂  can’t really complain, the weather has been good to us so far).  Anyway,  […]


Eggs and Tomatoes (Strapatcho)

  Hello!  I guess your probably trying to figure out, what in the world  that word is next to Tomatoes and Eggs, hmmm well,. its Greek for tomatoes and Eggs 🙂  It is pronounced exactly as it is written Strapatcho, and this is a  Summer dish eaten warm, or cold. […]


Colorful Vegetable Cassarole

 Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.   I thought that since Spring is right around the corner, that you would enjoy a colorful Cassarole dish.  My recipe is filled with colorful vegetables, truly very simple to make, mix, toss, and bake.  While I was making this dish, […]