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Creamy Greek Cheese Puffs with Yogurt & Feta filling

Hello  🙂  So, I’m not sure if you are like me but when I am working  I like to listen to music, it just seems to motivate me even more and puts me in a happy place.  When I was younger and studying for exams etc. I always had a small radio playing music.  My mom used to always say “how it is possible to study and understand what your reading”, I used to sing along too but I am pretty proud of myself with all that music, I didn’t do so bad I got into Law School so that should say something! hahahha

Anyway, I am a bit of Jazz fan and love to listen to this kind of music in the morning :), so about a year ago while searching youtube I found these morning/relaxing/working Jazz Bossa Nova music videos!!  I have it on each morning and do my cooking, cleaning, etc. but yesterday I found something on youtube that I had no idea existed….did anyone know that is also music for COOKING!!! Yep, there’s music for that tooooo….I needed to put on some music while I was preparing my cheese puffs and so I pressed on this music video…ok, I listened to it for a while the music is French, Italian, and Mediterranean cafe kind of music !! ???? !!!  hmmmm ummmm wellllll, can’t really say that I liked it but if  your the curious type like I am search it on youtube and let me know what you think, because I couldn’t get into it for the life of me…I did though put on some 90’s music instead and did a bit of my dancing moves…Charlie had a blast running after my feet. 🙂

This delicate filling is a much lighter version than the usual Greek Cheese Puff that has Feta Cheese as the main ingredient.  During the Summer season I like to change ingredients to some of the recipes and so I added yogurt along with the Feta and just enough Parmesan cheese to give the taste a bit of  zing. bing hahahaha.  I also added Dill because I just love the combination of Feta Cheese with the strong scent and taste of Dill.  I made them in the morning, and continued to bake them last night.  It was just to hot to start up the oven with this hot weather that we are having and since no aircon exists it’s better to bake later in the evening.  So, I did put them in the oven last night and turned on Netflix to watch a movie and the one that popped up, was “Bridget Jones Diary”  I have to say I liked it  when I first saw it and I enjoyed watching it again last night.  I forgot how sweet and funny a movie it was.




  • 1 package Phyllo Dough
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 5 cups Feta Cheese crumbled
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese
  • 1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil
  • 3 tablespoon Dill chopped
  • Pepper


  • In a large bowl add the eggs and yogurt and beat until combined.
  • Continue to add into the mix the Vegetable Oil beat until texture is smooth.
  • Toss in Parmesan Cheese and mix.
  • and lastly add in the crumbled Feta Cheese, chopped Dill and pepper.
  • Cut Phyllo Sheets into long strips, I usually cut 2 sheets at a time. Now, I wanted to mention that these sheets are store bought, but if you can make your own dough, the taste of homemade dough with this filling is even more tastier!!
  • Add a spoon full of filling onto the sheet, and start from bottom to top folding into a triangular shape. Oil brushing your baking pan is a must, unless you have baking paper which will do the job perfectly. One little tip if you oil brush the pan and then add on the baking paper it will stay in one place. 🙂
  • Pre – heat oven to 180 degrees and while your waiting for your oven to heat up..add into a small bowl the Olive Oil, take a brush and start to oil brush the top of the Cheese Puffs so you can get that golden brown, crispy taste.


  1. bingingonabudget
    Wow, these look amazing. I LOVE working with phyllo dough, I’ll have to give these a try. Do you have any other phyllo recipes on your blog that you’d recommend?
    • foodzesty
      Hi!!! Thank you so much...I do I will send you some of my recipes via email. So sorry for my late response :)
  2. Awesome ! Love these crispy golden puffs.
  3. Love such pastries Yours look so crispy and delicate. Made me hungry! :)
  4. Looks absolutely delicious Sophie🔝 perfect treats for the weekend 👌
  5. Cooking music! Oh my gosh, I have to hear this😂
  6. nafiseseyedbagher
    it looks really tasty and good and is good because of using dairy
  7. foodzesty
    hahahhahahahahaha your so funny...:)
  8. Cooking music and this recipe, I don't think it can get any better! Yum! 😊🌞💗

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