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Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Month

Hi!!  I would like to wish everyone a wonderful month, and to all of you out there that are starting your vacation, have a fabulous time, recharge those batteries and be safe..:)  

A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend

When I returned home last week from running some errands, I found a package left on my doorstep.  Now, I knew very well I had not ordered anything, so I thought to myself this must be a mistake.  I looked at the sticker on the package and my name was […]


Hello all it is me Sophie 🙂   So now you know what I look like 🙂  and yes my eyes are a bit closed because I was laughing to much when this picture was being taken. 🙂 A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Jane from Kitchenthy.me which […]