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Just a little note from me

Hey there foodies friends,

I would like to thank everyone for your kind emails and messages.  I have not been able to go back to the kitchen, due to some minor difficulties.  I am hoping that by next week I will be back cooking up a storm and sharing my recipes with you.  🙂

Wishing everyone a good rest of the week!!


Sophie 🙂


  1. Sending you big hugs!!

  2. Aw I’m sorry Soph. How’re you doing? I don’t want to pry but I’m here if ever you want to chat. I really hope everything’s okay… Sending love xxxxx

  3. Hi Sophie, I missed this note! I hope everything is resolving in your corner of the world!


    • I am trying hard to stay positive…

      • I remember last year when you read between the lines and remained such a support for me when I was struggling with the isolation of lockdown! It was much appreciated! If there’s ever anything I can do, just let me know (my email is under my gravatar if you just click on it!!) 🙂 You are always positive!

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