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A Cookbook Project :)

Hello everyone!!  I wanted to share a bit of great news with you, a few months ago I was contacted by Chef Anthony D. Marzetti from http://www.myculinaryhome.com, in regards to a cookbook project he was working on.  This cookbook would involve Food Bloggers from around the world submitting their favorite […]

This is exactly what it looks like before I start to cook and write a post.

Everything is all over the small kitchen counter and living room table, while trying to sort out what the next recipe will be and what kind of post to write. While I was baking the Marble Cake yesterday, I realised that March 3rd, was the day I started my blog..ONE […]

Food Treats for Greek Clean Monday (Kathari Deutera)

This post is about our Greek Clean Monday otherwise known as Ash Monday or Pure Monday, which is actually today in Greece.  This is the start of Lent which  begins on the 7th week before Easter Sunday for the Orthodox Church.  Each year on this day we get together as […]