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Greek Easter feast with Oven Baked Lamb & Oregano Potatoes

Hello everyone, I have not posted these past few days because I have been busy preparing for our Easter, attending Church, etc. Greek Orthodox Easter is today April 8th, so there is so much to do which involves  cooking, baking and table preparations, which means preparation needs to start a […]

Oven Baked Calamari Tubes with Rice, Feta Cheese & Dill Stuffing (Kalamari Gemisto sto fourno)

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed and or are still enjoying your Easter Holiday….On Easter Sunday I was invited by my friend/neighbor to go to her Church to follow Easter Sunday Mass, and I had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed the whole experience.  My Easter is actually this […]

Linguine with Hot and Spicy Shrimps & a Tomato,Ouzo Sauce (Garidomakaronada)

Goedemorgen 🙂 Ik hoop alles goed :)…ok well as you can see I do have the basics down in the Dutch language…not enough to fully have a normal conversation but getting there.  I had another lesson yesterday, and I know I have mentioned this before that this is a difficult language […]

Baked Chickpea Stew (Revithada)

I haven’t been feeling well these past few days,,,earache 🙁 but I am better today so I was able to post my recipe. 🙂  Have you ever eaten Baked Chickpeas? if not then this is a must try recipe. A vegetarian dish so easy to make with just a few […]

Pasta Farfalle with Mushroom & Bacon Garnish

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Well, the Bailey’s Irish Cheese Cake I made the other day was a success. Everyone loved it, and it disappeared rather quickly. 🙂  I was a bit worried that it might not be liked because I had never made it before so glad […]

Oven baked Giant White Beans (Gigantes sto fourno)

These past few days I have been following a free on-line Food Blogger Bootcamp from Food Blogger Pro, if  you have a moment check out there site fellow food bloggers..:) I followed this because I consider myself to still be knew to all of this, and I knew that I […]