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Pasta Bolognese ala Greek Style

Hi everyone,  while I was drinking my morning coffee looking out the window and watching the rain,  ( I live in the Netherlands and it rains quite often, so this was not much of a shocker 🙂  can’t really complain, the weather has been good to us so far).  Anyway,  […]


Eggs and Tomatoes (Strapatcho)

  Hello!  I guess your probably trying to figure out, what in the world  that word is next to Tomatoes and Eggs, hmmm well,. its Greek for tomatoes and Eggs 🙂  It is pronounced exactly as it is written Strapatcho, and this is a  Summer dish eaten warm, or cold. […]


Colorful Vegetable Cassarole

 Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.   I thought that since Spring is right around the corner, that you would enjoy a colorful Cassarole dish.  My recipe is filled with colorful vegetables, truly very simple to make, mix, toss, and bake.  While I was making this dish, […]


Healthy Green Beans topped with Feta Cheese

  Hello! I hope you are all doing well.     I decided to come back with lighter recipe,  I thought you would enjoy this version of Green Beans for lunch or dinner.  


Savory Pastichio

  Pastichio is a deep oven baked pasta classic Greek dish. This dish is layered with tubular pasta and or any other long pasta you can find in your local supermarket. The meat mixture is basically made from half beef, half veal with tomato sauce and grated cheese as a […]

Mediterranean cuisine, Pies

Spanakopita with Feta (Greek Spinach Pie with Feta Cheese)

  Hello everyone,  This was one of the first recipes I posted when I first started out in 2017.  My dear blogger friend Luda from Plants & Beyond  asked me to re-post this recipe, and I am delighted to do so.   If you love flowers and gardening and you have […]