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One Pot Orecchiette Minestrone Soup Recipe

Are you looking for a One-Pot Recipe?  Here is a recipe I think you might like to try out.  An Orecchiette Minestrone Soup Recipe made with fresh vegetables.  One-pot recipes are so easy, you don’t spend too much time in the kitchen. and the best part of all is that […]

Creamy, Tomatoes, bowl

Creamy Spicy Homemade Tomato Soup

Creamy Spicy Homemade Tomato Soup was one of the first recipes I posted when I first started blogging.  But I have made a few changes as I was going along and I think this last recipe is the one I am happiest with.  I have added ingredients, I have omitted […]

Soup, Mushrooms, Roasted

Meditterenean Creamy Roasted Mushroom Soup

Hey there, It’s chilly today but sunny so it was time to prepare my Roasted Mushroom Soup.  I sliced the mushrooms in halves and preheated the oven.  I drizzled sesame oil over the mushrooms and baked them for 20 minutes. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone but this is my little tip). […]

Lentil, Rice, Tomato Soup

Lentil Rice Soup Recipe

It’s a chilly day today so a bowl of Lentil and Rice soup definitely makes the day warmer.  It’s Soupseason so my Meal Plan is filled with wonderful tasty soups to be prepared. My mom told me that these kinds of combinations were prepared in Greek villages because food back […]

Spicy White Bean Soup

Spicy White Bean Soup

Hey foodie friends, Monday and it looks like it’s going to be another cold day!!!!   The Netherlands was hit by Typhoon, Tornado Ciara,  not sure which one it actually is.  We went from a whole of week Fog, to rain for the past 2 weeks to 2 days of Sunshine. […]

Split Pea and Carrot Soup

Split Pea and Carrot Soup

Hey there foodie friends, What’s cookin?  🙂  So here is a fact, did you know that “What’s cookin?” is considered to be Old Fashion English Slang?  If you didn’t well now you do.  you just learned something new today. 🙂  So, what are you cooking today?  Soups, Stews, or are […]