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Fresh apple slices dipped in brown sugar and cinnamon with a few small pieces of butter tucked between them before placing intto the oven. The backdrop is crumbled parchment paper and the apple slices are held together with a cinnamon stick in the middle.

Baked Caramelized Apple Slices

Hello everyone, We are in full swing of Apple season. I was going to say that I was looking forward to Autumn/fall but I’m not.  I’m still in the summer mood, the summer just went by too fast.  Anyway, we are in October so I have to try to put […]

Greek Vanilla sweet dessert (Fondant) dipped in a transparent glass with ice cold water.

Greek Vanilla Submarine Dessert (Ypovrechio)

Hiiii, If you’ve visited Greece during the summer you may have tried this classic Greek Vanilla Submarine Dessert (Ypovrechio).  What is a Greek Vanilla Submarine Dessert, well it’s Vanilla Fondant.  It’s a spoonful of Fondant submerged in a glass long or short of very cold water.   The name submarine sounds […]

This a greek version of the French yogurt cake. In the background there is sugar bowl, milk jar, coffee cup with nature in the background

Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake Recipe

Hello foodie friends, I’ve been back baking again this week and wanted to share this Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake Recipe.  This Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake recipe is a great snack or dessert and has a delicious taste, made easy with a few simple ingredients.  Most Yogurt cake recipes have olive […]

Madeleine Orange Buttter Cookies, Tea pot in the background/

Madeleine Orange Butter Cookie Recipe

 Hey there, Spring has arrived and Easter is next week, I thought of re-posting this wonderful French Madeleine Orange Butter Cookie Recipe just in case you would like to give the recipe a try.  Have a great morning/afternoon/evening everyone. 🙂   Hi there everyone, Whenever I bake these delicious shell-shaped […]

A piece of cake on a plate, in the background the whole cake on a cake platter

Vanilla Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

Hello everyone, The weather here is not the best because it is summer.  It’s cloudy, rainy, and just blah.  It feels more like winter than summer.   Since we are stuck inside due to the heavy rainstorms instead of sitting on the couch I picked myself up from sitting on the […]

Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, granola and strawberry jam in a glass

Greek Nonfat Yogurt with Strawberry Recipe

Hey foodie friends, I hope everyone is doing well.  It has been a while since I last posted a recipe. I finally got the nerve to go back into my kitchen and start cooking again.  Well, cooking on Sunday but for the blog post, I went with this simple Nonfat […]