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Greek Vanilla sweet dessert (Fondant) dipped in a transparent glass with ice cold water.

Greek Vanilla Submarine Dessert (Ypovrechio)


If you’ve visited Greece during the summer you may have tried this classic Greek Vanilla Submarine Dessert (Ypovrechio).  What is a Greek Vanilla Submarine Dessert, well it’s Vanilla Fondant.  It’s a spoonful of Fondant submerged in a glass long or short of very cold water.   The name submarine sounds strange and funny but this is actually how it is served.  What you do is dip and leave the spoonful of Fondant in cold water for a few minutes.  Leaving it in the water also sweetens and gives it a Vanilla taste.

I first tried this Greek Vanilla Submarine Dessert when I was around 13 years old and on vacation in Greece.  My grandmother had asked me if I wanted to try a Greek dessert, I thought it was baklava.  Instead, she calls me into the kitchen and hands me a glass with a spoon with something stuck on it.  I still remember my reaction!!  What in the world is thissssss!!???  Now, I am picky when it comes to food, desserts, etc. but at least I admit that I am a picky eater.  You don’t have to like everything that everyone else does.

I went to the Greek supermarket a few weeks ago, and as I was going down the dessert aisle and I found a jar of this dessert.  Childhood memories came flashing back and well I just had to buy it!   I have not made my own homemade Ypovrihio, but if you are more daring than I am there are many recipes on the net, so give it a try.  If you google Eat Yourself Greek the Greek food blogger Eugenia has a recipe to make your own homemade ypovrechio.

The next time you are in Greece on one of those beautiful Greek islands with light blue, and turquoise-colored beaches go to a local cafe and order a ypovrechio or go into a supermarket and pick up a jar of any flavored Greek  Submarine Dessert and submerge it into a glass of ice cold water.  I prefer Vanilla the other flavors are a bit too intense for my taste.  Don’t forget to drink the vanilla-flavored water.

Have a good weekend everyone!!


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