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Oh my another Avocado dip!

I have been having a bit of an issue with my arm lately, with the weather changing from hot, to cool, humidity, allergies, that’s about it! 🙂 I just needed to spoil myself today with a nice dip and a small bag of chips…YES POTATOES CHIPS…:)  Sometimes you just need to treat yourself with a bit of junk food and my junk food is potatoes chips.  I don’t eat them often but today is just one of those days that I just want to sit on the couch and watch Tennis because I am a Tennis fan and  a huge fan of Rafa’s 🙂  

So, today’s post is short and sweet 🙂  I hope you enjoy this Dip Recipe and let me know if anyone out there gave it a try.

Have a lovely day/evening everyone!! 🙂



  • 1 Avocado cubed
  • 1 Paprika Pepper sliced
  • 3 Fresh Scallions
  • 1 Garlic Clove optional
  • 2 tablespoons Coriander
  • 1 Lemon Juice
  • Salt
  • 1/4 cup Olive Oil


  • Cut Avocado in half, remove pit, slice into cubes.
  • Dice Scallions.
  • Add Avocado and Scallions into a bowl.
  • Chop Coriander into small pieces..I usually use Parsley to be honest I just prefer the taste, (Coriander was the only herb I was able to find).
  • Cut Paprika into small pieces.
  • Add into the bowl along with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Pour Olive Oil, and Lemon juice into bowl.
  • Continue by adding salt, use a fork and press down on the Avocado if the pieces are too large like mine were, taste and check if the olive oil is enough, for me 1/4 cup is more than enough for this dip.
  • My dip is ready check! I bought my Nachos check! I have my Sparkling Water check! well then that’s it for today…I am off to watch Roland Garros, Rafa, Del Porto, Cilic, and hopefully my arm will be better tomorrow. 🙂




  1. foodzesty
    Aww Thanks so much Ben!! All good with you...I keep trying to leave comments on your post and it just wont let me...:(
    • foodzesty
      I dont have a smartphone hahahaha so all is via my laptop hahahha..I do leave comments on your site but again I seem to have to do it a few times before it can be posted. :( At least I do it at the end.
  2. Delicious post, Sophie! :-) <3 Something what would be really appreciated and welcome in our table... We never run out avocados and tomatoes! Great share and inspiration :-) Thank you!
  3. Great recipe, I've never even thought of making a dip before if I'm honest! I'm sorry about your arm and struggling with the weather changes, allergies etc - Rest up and I hope you're doing a little better soon... :) (PS. Love the blog theme by the way, Sophie) Caz x
    • foodzesty
      Thanks so much your so sweet...:) I rested today I am hoping that my arm is better tomorrow.... Thank you for all your kind words...Huge hugs :)
  4. bingingonabudget
    Thanks for sharing, I love finding new dips to try. Do you have any other appetizers on your blog you recommend?
    • foodzesty
      Hello and Thank you so much...I do have a few more dips..if you go into the Appetisers Category you will find hot and spicy dip Kappadokias. and Greek Fish Roe Dip...not sure if you would like this one but the first one you will love...all ingredients are posted. :)
  5. I hope your arm eases. Thanks for another very delicious looking dip!
    • foodzesty
      Thanks so much it is better today, it needed a good rest but still need to take care of it today...Thanks so much for your lovely words!! Have a lovely day/evening :) Sophie
  6. oh my goodness! it looks so delicious❤️ I want it🙋‍♀️ www.geniusenough.com
  7. Very very yummy, I would love this recipe. Thank you for sharing, dear Sophie.
    • foodzesty
      Thanks so much....Huge hugs and your welcome :) Luda....my Broccoli a almost ready to be cut. Do I just cut the Broccoli or take out the whole thing? This is my first time growing broccoli so I am not sure what needs to be done
  8. This is genius! Love it!
  9. Great post, Sophie. That's perfect for hot summer days...
  10. Love your dip Sophie ❤
    • foodzesty
      Thanks so much Jyo...so sorry I am behind on your posts :( Will catch up at some point. Huge hugs :)
  11. Looks great Sophie! we are avocado fans here as well! Hope your feeling better soon💕
  12. Wonderful dip ! It looks so delicious.
  13. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse)
    What a delicious dip! I hope to try it as soon as avocados bear here. I hope your arm eases. 💙
  14. Love avocados, thank you Sophie

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