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Fried Chipotle Sausages & Peppers (Spetsofai)

This morning I went walking with Charlie and a lovely friend/neighbor of mine.  It has been a while since we saw each other so this gave us the opportunity to catch up on things. The weather  has been sunny and so much cooler which I am very grateful for and so is Charlie.  🙂   As she was telling me what was happening in her life, I told her about mine and I also mentioned to her, and this is a bit of exciting news, I have been invited to do a small cooking workshop in August for children from the age of 4 – 11.  This sounded like so much fun that of course I said YES!! 🙂  I have already decided what I will make and what’s great about it is that they will be able to take part helping out. 🙂

When I returned from our walk I had taken out the ingredients to make this excellent tasting appetiser. I have already posted a few salad recipes so it was time to make something else for today 🙂  Oh!  but I will be posting another salad recipe this coming Friday. hahaha    The first time I tried this it was in a beautiful mountain area in Greece called Arachova, it is just under an hour drive outside of Athens,  with  breathtaking views, fresh air, ski slopes, and taverns that have the most delicious appetisers, and this is one of them.  In my recipe I have added a bit more vegetable oil  because I love to dip fresh bread into the sauce, it has a smokey, spicy taste to it that you just can not get enough of. 🙂  




4 Greek/Italian or Chipotle Sausages (chopped)

3 Bell Pepper (Red & Yellow & Green (the last one is optional)

1 large Onion (sliced)

1 teaspoon Tomato Paste

3 Fresh Tomatoes (sliced)

2 Bay leaves

1/4 cup of Olive Oil/Vegetable Oil

1 tablespoon Sugar



Prep Time: 15 minutes  –  Cooking Time: 30 minutes


Slice onions and place into a large skillet,


along with the sliced peppers and olive/vegetable oil.  You can use which ever oil you prefer, in the recipe. The sausages already have fat in them so to make this a little lighter I used vegetable oil for frying.


Cut sausages into smaller pieces and toss into skillet and cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes along with the peppers.


Add in the tomatoes, and bay leaves and mix. 


Lastly, add in the tomato paste and cook for another 15 to 20 minutes. 🙂


Dip fresh bread and enjoy!!!  I am sure you will love it 🙂

Kali Orexi!! 🙂



  1. I admit this is one yummy recipe :)
  2. Yumm this looks incredible! ! 😊 thanks for sharing your recipe, looks delicious!! 😄😄
  3. That looks scrumptious, Sophie. And have fun with the kids! I used to cook with my nieces when they were younger - and that was such a pleasant experience ☺️
  4. That is so wonderful Sophie!! I am sure you will have a great time with the kids💕😊
  5. What a great opportunity, Sophie! :-) I am sure it is going to be fun! :-) Lovely chipotle <3

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