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Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis Tea)

I love drinking Tea, I think even more than drinking Coffee, yep I do. The other day I mentioned that my hubby Read More

Cappuccino Freddo

This is my all time favorite coffee, the Cappuccino Freddo, otherwise known as Iced Cappuccino Coffee.  During the summer I do love Read More

White Wine Pineapple Slushie Drinky :)

Hello everyone!!! I hope the weekend was a good one and Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. 🙂  We Read More

Mango & Cinnamon Smoothie

Hiiii everyone,  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.   I do hope the weather has turned into Spring  for some of my blogger Read More

Greek Coffee from the past

Hi Everyone!!!  I hope the first week of the New Year is treating you all well. 🙂 So, this morning I thought Read More

Beef and Orzo Casserole (Giouvetsi)

This delicious traditional one pot casserole is usually made for Sunday lunch or dinner family gatherings. 🙂  Sounds Italian, the gathering of Read More

A sip of Awesomeness Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Hi there!!!  🙂  I came across this fantastic hot chocolate recipe the other day from a blogger who I am unable to Read More

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