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Greek Valentine’s Day Menu

Hey, everyone!!

I was invited to take part in a Greek Valentine’s Day Menu collaboration with Chef Krystina from http://kouzounaskitchen.com    It was so much fun and I was able to see some fantastic new recipes from other Greek food bloggers who took part.  If you want to see some wonderful unique Greek recipes pop on over to Chef Krystina’s site and check out all the Menus with delicious Greek Recipes.

I enjoyed putting together this Valentine’s Menu I hope you enjoy the recipes.


Happy Valentines Day!!





  1. Ooo what a great idea! Nom nom with a romantic twist  ♥🌹
  2. Hahah don’t worry about it Soph. I saw you ‘liked’ lots of posts earlier, so whatever you did then worked. Do you usually read my blog on the WP reader? Maybe it just doesn’t pick up reads and likes on the reader, only directly on the blog..? I know you can only comment directly on the blog because it's a paid-for theme. Beyond that I have no idea 😆 xx
    • Hi Caz,, sooo sorry for my late response...I usually read your posts from your blog and then go on wordpress to comment or like.

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