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Fudge Bites with only Two Ingredients

Yesss, you read it correctly, with only two ingredients you can make these delicious little Fudge bites.  This was our dessert on Saturday, and from what I was told the bites were amazing.  I was tired of cooking these past few days for Saturday’s dinner, so the dessert was going to be very simple and I mean very simple.

I knew that everyone would want a Chocolate dessert so I went for the easiest dessert I could find and this one was it!!  Once I placed it on the table these little Chocolate Fudge bites were attacked by everyone.  🙂  I did try it out before I put it into the fridge, just because I had to make sure it was as good as stated in the recipe. 🙂 

This was the first time I make this specific dessert, and I have to admit the little, very little, at the tip of the spoon little tasting test I did, wellll, let’s just say it tasted really good and I’m not even a Chocolate Fan. 

I have to thank Foodmanic.gr and imommy.gr for posting this recipe, it really did the trick. 🙂    

Would love to hear your feedback on this recipe!!



  • 400 grams Baking Chocolate
  • 300 grams Condensed Milk


  • Break Chocolate into smaller pieces and melt using the Bain-Marie system. Boiling water in a pot, and then place a bowl on top of the water and melt Chocolate gradually.
  • Stir until Chocolate has melted.
  • Add in the condensed Milk.
  • Place onto a piece of baking paper, and place in the fridge for about 40 minutes.
  • Cut into bite sizes and enjoy!!


  1. Diana Tyler (la muse excentrique) ☕
    I have to try this! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Simple and yet delicious chocolate fudge! i will definitely try this.
  3. Love simple recipes! This looks yummy!😋
  4. So cool that there is only two ingredients!!
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