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Delicious Greek Shredded Dough Cheese Pie

Delicious Greek Shredded Dough Cheesepie

Hello there,

What is everyone been up too these past few weeks?  I am not sure if you heard but Greece had an earthquake a few days ago.  We were all worried that maybe this was not the major earthquake.  After listening to the news, things will be continue to be a bit unsettling due to the aftershocks.  We actually had a smaller earthquake the day before we were hit with the 5.3.  Still a bit worried 🙁

Back to talking about recipes and food, a much happier conversation. 🙂  I had picked out this recipe way before I came to Greece, but because finding this type of dough in NL is completely out of the question, I waited until coming to Greece.  This is not really a traditional Greek Cheese pie but more of an old Smyrna recipe. The original recipe had feta cheese and a variety of other cheeses, but I definitely changed that with the combination of cheeses I added. hehehe

I know that in the UK you are able to Shredded dough, and I think you can also find in the US and Canada. hehehee I know for a fact that you guys find way more Greek products that I can in NL, so if you up to trying out this recipe let me know your thoughts.   



1 packaged of Shredded Greek Dough

1 litre Milk

4 medium size Eggs

500 grams – 2 cups Parmesan Cheese

500 grams – 2 cups Kasseri Greek Cheese (or Feta cheese)

1 cup Butter (melted)

Pepper (optional)



Open Shredded Dough and start to pull it apart,

like so.  

Shred cheeses.  In a large bowl add eggs, milk, pepper and whisk.

Spread butter onto the bottom part of the baking pan and layer with1/2 of the shredded dough.  Pour 1/4 cup of butter over the dough and place cheese mix.  Layer top with the rest of the dough and pour the rest of the butter before pouring the egg mixture on top.  Bake at 180 degrees for 1 hour or until golden brown.  This recipe can be eaten hot or cold.




  1. I hope everyone is safe and no more earthquakes, so scary. I have never heard of this kind of recipe so I am anxious to try 💕
  2. I have never heard of shredded dough. I assume I would find it in the freezer section? Is this similar to phyllo dough?
    • foodzesty
      Hello, Yes it should be in the frozen section. But if you have a Greek Deli in your area or city, that would be the best option. :)
  3. Diana (Fille de Dieu) 🛐
    I pray that everyone is safe and doing well. Such a unique recipe!
  4. I don't think I'd even come across shredded dough before! Yikes, mother nature can be incredibly scary. I hope things settle & that the worst is over - stay safe xx
  5. This looks wonderful Sophie❤️

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