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Rustic Greek Sausages & Pepper Pasta

Rustic Greek Sausages and Pepper Pasta Recipe


What a morning, Charlie was stung by a bee while he was playing with his ball on the balcony.  He just popped into the house limping and all.  I was trying to find out what was wrong with him, all this happened in just a few minutes.  My mother in law and I removed the stinger uffff and poooorr Charlie was such a brave little dog.  He was a bit restless but we finally got it out. 🙂  He is sleeping now so all is good.

The weather here has changed from heatwaves to rainy and cold days, so since it has been colder and we are all stuck at home, it gave me the opportunity to make this recipe.  The sausages were brought to my in laws from a dear friend, who is actually from this region of Greece.  The Southern East part of Greece, Thessaly. This is a beautiful Winter and Summer destination Mountain area called Pelion.  I haven’t been there in ages but you can google Pelion, and check out the beautiful Mountains and Beaches in the area.  

Usually we don’t add Pasta when making this recipe.  But sometimes you just need to mix things up. 🙂  The last time I made this recipe I added it into Rice and it gave the dish a different spark.  But I thought it would be a great idea to add it into Pasta after watching a cooking show.  You can also add hot pepper flakes to make it hot and spicy. 🙂 

It really is a Winter meal and not a Summer one but hey, I eat Soups during the Summer.  hehehe

Have a great weekend everyone!!



1 Pack of Pasta

4 Red Bell Peppers (sliced) (Green,Red,Yellow,Orange)

3 Italian Sausages (sliced)

2 medium size Onions (chopped)

4 Fresh Tomatoes (grated)

Olive Oil






Slice Peppers into thin slices

Cut Sausages into halves

and into smaller sliced pieces.

Add Olive Oil into a large sauce pan.  Add in the onions first and then the peppers.

In the meantime boil pasta in salted water.

Add tomatoes, salt, pepper, sugar into the sausage mix and let the cook until sauce has thicken.

Drain Pasta and add Sausages mix into Pasta and stir.




  1. Poor Charlie! At least you worked out what was wrong! And that recipe sounds delicious!
  2. That dish looks easy and tasty. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Aw poor Charlie! I hope he’s all okay now after the bee trauma. Poor thing! Mmm this recipe looks tasty, I love peppers! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Sophie :) Caz xx
  4. So glad Charlie is ok!🐶

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