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No Bake Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Cream Cake

No-Bake Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Cream Cake


Ok, so how is everyone doing?  We have been having something close to 40 degrees in Greece, and we are coming close to exhaustion from the constant heatwaves. I did speak to a few friends in the states, that are also going through heatwaves…and my husband who is still in NL.  It hit 43 degrees yesterday!!! this is seriously not gooddddd but all I can say is hang in there guys!!! 

I asked if anyone wanted me to make something to drink like Ice Tea or Lemonade, and I barely got any responses, but I did get a lot of “what about a dessert”??? I thought to myself, going to the supermarket in the heat???  ufff  I finally did go, and picked up the ingredients that I needed to make this scrumptious cake.  Which at the moment does not exists anymore. (It was gone in less than an hour)  I went to pick up the Milk that I needed, and found this really Old Fashion Vintage bottle of Milk!!  I remember my mom showing some pictures of what the bottles looked like in Greece back in the days, but I never thought I would actually find one.  My husband got a kick out of it because he kind of remembers these bottles.  So, I thought you might enjoy seeing one. 🙂

So, this morning I woke up and headed for the kitchen for breakfast.  Once I poured my coffee and had a few sips, I started on the cake.  It was time to make this easy No Bake Chocolate Cookie Cake a SERIOUSLY COOL DESSERT!!! 🙂

Have a Happy Thursday!!



1 package Oreo Cookies or any Chocolate Cookies  (crushed)

300 grams Bitter Chocolate

3 tablespoons Vanilla Extract (optional)

2 package Vanilla Pudding

2 cups Milk

50 grams Butter (melted)




In a large bowl combine melted butter with crushed Chocolate Cookies.

Spread cookie mix into a crust.

Crush cookies into smaller pieces.

Melt Bitter Chocolate

I though you might enjoy seeing how the Greek milk was bottled in the old days 🙂  I found this at the super market and found it interesting, since I have never seen a bottle of Milk like this before. 🙂

Add Milk into pudding and stir until combined.

Add the curshed cookies into the Vanilla pudding and mix thoroughly.

Once the cake is done, leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours before eating.




  1. Hope you can stay cool in the heat. This recipe is perfect for a hot day or a winter day...I would love a piece now 💕
  2. Hello my dear, oh my Sophie, this cake looks delicious! Was well worth it the trip to the supermarket :) Cute the bottle of milk :) Stay cool :)
  3. Oooo this looks so good! Thanks for the recipe, Sophie, will bookmark this! Yum yummmm. We're having an odd, rare heatwave in the UK at the moment but it's highs of 32 degrees C where I am. Stay as cool as you can, your husband too, and hang in there. Maybe put your face in the freezer for a few minutes if you feel like you're melting away! 😂 xx
    • Hi Caz, Thanks so much!! The weather is strange that is true, I know my friends and relatives in the UK are also complaining about the hot weather.. Hahahahahhhahah I opened up the freezer a few times and sat in front of it ahhahahahhah

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