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Lemon & Yogurt Cake

So, we were back into winter mode this weekend 🙁  It started on Friday with the high winds coming in, and then we woke up on Saturday morning to snow…and the temps hitting a lovely -7.  I had to go out to pick up something and it was so ridiculously […]

Yogurt dessert with a delicious topping

Sometimes, I enjoy eating a nice bowl of yogurt in the evening, I have tried most of the yogurts that are sold in the supermarkets but they are to sour for me.  Butttt the market I have close by has finally placed on their refrigerator shelves Original Greek Yogurt. I […]

Almond Brittle (Pastelli Amygdalou)

If your looking to make a change in the dessert/snack area here is a nice change from the regular desserts which we love to eat with chocolate or vanilla filling.  I made this Almond Brittle earlier today and enjoyed a piece or two with a nice cup of  late afternoon […]

Scrumptious Walnut – Chocolate Bundt Cake

A few days ago a very dear friend of mine called me up to ask me if I was able to make a  cake for a small gathering that she was hosting on Friday night.  As  we were chatting away I asked her if she had a preference,  but I already […]

Blueberry Muffin Delight

I enjoy reading a good book, and watching a good series or movie..at the moment I am between two books the first one is from fellow blogger James J. Cudney, from  thisismytruthnow.com “Watching Glass Shatter” who just published his book, how exciting for him and for us who has the chance to read […]