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Chocolate Chip Cupcake / Muffin Party

Hello 🙂 Catching up with friends who live around the world has been difficult these past few months.  So, I sent out a message last week and mentioned to them that we should have a Virtual Coffee/Cupcake Party.  They loved the idea!!  We all prepared different cupcakes, and or muffins […]

Coconut Lime Pound Cake Recipe

Hey there, Anyone out there interested in a piece of this delicious Coconut pound cake?  Yes?  No?  I started to write this post but I can’t seem to think of what to write, my mind is a blank today. 🙁  Ok, here is a very interesting topic that I have […]

Flourless Fudge Brownies

Flourless Fudge Brownies

Hellooo, Hubby’s birthday was last Thursday, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a mini birthday party for him.  This also gave me the idea of celebrating all of our April birthdays  🙂 (We are now allowed to have up to 3 to 4 guests in […]

Profiterole (Custard Cream filled Puffs garnished with Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Profiteroles (Custard Cream filled Puffs garnished with homemade Chocolate Sauce)

Hey there everyone 🙂 Going to the supermarket is not as exciting as it used to be at least for me.  I used to pop in and out of the Supermarket whenever I wanted.  I took my time and I am mean seriously took my time shopping for ingredients.  Now, […]

Mini Chocolate and Cinnamon Tart

Mini Chocolate and Cinnamon Tarts

Hi there foodies friends, It is almost time for the Food Bloggers Summit and I am very excited because this will the first one I will be attending.  I decided to attend the Summit because even though I have been blogging for about 2 1/2 years, I still do need […]

Snow-covered Greek Christmas Cookies

Snow covered Greek Christmas Cookies.

Heyy there, I hope you are all getting ready for the Christmas Holiday.  🙂  This is a re-post of last year’s Christmas Cookies recipe.  These Snow covered Butter Cookies are delicious with a nice warm cup of White Hot Chocolate.    I will post over the weekend. 🙂  Have a […]