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Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas Cake Pops


I found this fun recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and I was so eager to try it out. But first things first, I should thank the blogger for this recipe, http://thebestideasforkids.com , they truly were very easy to make, and I had a lot of fun.  🙂  I loved the fact that you could play with colors and it looked like so easy to prepare.  I thought this would be a nice change for Christmas than the usual traditional Desserts. 

This was my first try, and I think they came out pretty good 🙂  But the only mishap I had was that I was aiming for a Red color and I got Pink instead!! hahahahha    What do you think?  I guess this is what you get when you don’t know much about using colors. 🙂  pffff.  But since this is my first try, and I am happy with the result I will definitely try to make them again before Christmas.  One of my friends mentioned that “they still look festive”, so I will just go with that for now.  Calling out to those FABULOUS Artists I know what do I need to do to get the RED COLOR??

I will make a few traditional Greek desserts but this was way more fun than working with flour, eggs, and butter. etc etc etc. hehehehe

Have a good day!!


Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas Cake Pops

Bite-size mini cake on a stick. Dipped in Chocolate and Sprinkles
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 3 hours 15 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 10


  • 1 Sponge Cake
  • ½ cup Icing
  • 2 cups White Chocolate
  • 5 tbsp Red Coloriing
  • 1 package Lollipop Sticks
  • 1 cup Sprinkles


  • Place Cake into a food processor or blender. High speed to crumble
  • In a large bowl add crumbled cake and icing. Stir until combined
  • Scoop out dough and make into bite size shape
  • Melt White Chocolate and add coloring. Stir
  • Dip the stick into the icing before placing it into cake bite.
  • Sprinkle and set aside to dry.
    Christmas Cake Pops
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  1. They do still look festive. I was thinking look how pretty these are and perfect for Christmas. I would not have known you didn't get the right colour is you hadn't mentioned it. They look great Sophie :)
  2. Love how simple and easy this recipe is.
  3. So cute! I love 'em. Make pretty Christmas pink the new Christmas red 😉 xx
    • Pretty pink cake pops Sophie!! My cake pops are resting in the fridge. Tomorrow I will buy white chocolate and finish the decorations.
    • Hi Cazz, Thank so much!! Well, that's an idea Pink instead of Red...hmmmm How are you doing?
      • Someone had to write the Christmas colouring coding rules in the first place, which means you can always rewrite them 😉 I'm okay, same old really but thank you for asking. How're you doing, Sophie? And how's hubby getting on at the moment?xx
      • Hi Caz...hahahha you make me laugh...that is true I did reach out to some artist but no one responded hahhahhaa...I am glad you are ok.. I am tired..:) Hubby believe it or not went back to work for a few hours. He is doing ok...Not 100% but at least he is trying and that is what counts. :) Huge hugs
  4. Looks wonderfully yummy!
  5. For me looks really festive and perfect also pink 😉😋 For red, maybe adding a little more color? 😃😁 Wish you a lovely weekend Sophie! 🤗💕

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