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Tips and Tricks with Milk


How is everyone? Last week we were having a mini heatwave which is very unusual around this time of year…:)Then the weekend was a bit dreary with rain and a cold front.  I woke up early this morning and found that the sun is shining again. And  I could hear the birds are chirpppinnggg while I was standing next to my kitchen window.  It’s pretty awesome when the Sun shines, it puts you into that positive thinking mode. 🙂    

I promised that I would post a few more tips on how to use Milk.  But this time I will give you a few tips on what else you can do with Milk. 🙂   

  • Face Mask: In need of a Face Mask?  Well, try this homemade Face Mask by using (you actually need to use powder milk and not fresh pasteurized milk)  Just add few tablespoons of powdered milk combined it the same amount of with tap water until it becomes a paste.  Apply on face for 15 to 20 min and then wash off.  It great I have made this mask and my face had felt lighter and a healthy shine. 
  • Here is another great tip with powdered milk.  You are back from work or you forgot to go by the cosmetic store to pick up some make-up remover?  Combine a few tablespoons of powdered milk and warm water, wash off your make-up.
  • I still use pens when writing, and that’s because I love them. 🙂  But sometimes I am a bit clumsy hehehe  The other day the pen I was writing with fell onto my blouse and I got ink on it.  So, what I did was I left that spot to soak in some milk overnight and washed it off with cold water the following day. 🙂  

That’s about it for now with a few tricks and tips on what you can do with milk!  

Stay safe everyone and have a great week!!



  1. Hello dear Sophie! Great and useful tips! I did not know can even remove ink 😉
    Have a lovely week 🌸🌸

    • foodzesty

      Glad you enjoyed it…Sometimes the old tricks that our Grandmother used to do really do the job. 🙂 Stay Safe Huge hugs

  2. Keeping it together within our own frame of mind.. fantastic! Have a good week ahead!💕☕️☕️

  3. super cool ideas Sophie!

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