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Veggie Snack

I can’t really say much about this recipe, except that it is so delicious,!!! and I am sure that I will find a few of you out there who will absolutely love it. 🙂  Baked Broccoli dipped in mustard and yogurt and just a pinch of paprika..:) A delicious recipe […]

Almond Brittle (Pastelli Amygdalou)

If your looking to make a change in the dessert/snack area here is a nice change from the regular desserts which we love to eat with chocolate or vanilla filling.  I made this Almond Brittle earlier today and enjoyed a piece or two with a nice cup of  late afternoon […]

Traditional Cretan Barley Dakos with Feta Cheese – Tomato (Rusk with Feta and Tomato)

This is such a lovely appetizer to make whenever your hungry for something light.  It is one of the easiest snacks to make, when you return home from work and not really in the mood to cook,  or just having a bit of relaxing time.  This  also goes along nicely […]