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Leek, Feta Cheese, Vegetables Pastry Dough

Leek, Vegetable, Feta Cheese Pastry Puff Pie

Hey there,

How is everyone today? I thought I would take the opportunity and tell you about a lovely collaboration I took part in.  It is the “November SUPERFOOD WEEK” from November 9th – 15th, which is actually still going on and it is hosted by my sweet friend Krystina from https://kouzounaskitchen.com.

Seven Greek Food Bloggers from around the world were invited to submit healthy tasty Greek Recipes with a Superfood ingredient.  You might be wondering what are superfood ingredients?  Beets, Leeks, Chickpeas, Vegetables.  I submitted my Leek, Vegetable, Feta Cheese Pastry Puff Pie. 🙂  The Super-healthy ingredient in this recipe is Leek, and the vegetables of course.  🙂

Please go ahead and pop over to check out Krystina’s blog.  You will find all the amazing recipes that were submitted by the other Food Bloggers,  and Krystina’s delicious recipes   Oh, and by the way Krystina is a highly accomplished CHEF.  🙂

Thank you, Krystina!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!



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  1. Hi Sophie mou! Thank you so much for sharing our wonderful event, and I absolutely enjoyed your delicious recipes! I plan to make the leek feta pie soon. :) Big hugs to you and Petraki! xx

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