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Japanese – Style Breakfast

Hey there everyone!!  As a Food Blogger I am always looking to try out  new ways of eating Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, so here is a great new Breakfast Treat.  I was contacted by a company and was asked if any of my blogger friends, and readers would be interested in reading this article,  I said YES!! because I think that everyone might enjoy reading something new about another cultures eating habits. 



  1. Wonderful idea! It is so nice to learn to appreciate other cuisines as well.

  2. Great idea! Thanks! For sure we’re always looking to experience new ways and new cuisines 😋

  3. This is a fantastic idea! Always nice to learn about new cuisines.

  4. That’s really wonderful Sophie…always love to have a look at new cuisines 😊

  5. Diana Tyler (la muse excentrique) ☕

    Great idea, Sophie!

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