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Have a Great Month!!

Heyyy there everyone!!


We have come to the end of another month, I would just like to wish everyone a HAPPY AND HEALTHY KALO MINA!!!!

Sophie πŸ™‚


  1. I think my family is going to Greece in July....
    • foodzesty
      Ohhh how nice!! :) Which part of Greece will they be visiting?
      • Athens for four days, santorini for four, and perhaps another island. That’s still under negotiation
      • I hope Paros or Naxos is one of the other Islands :)
      • Naxos is where my husband wants to goi think but that’s good to know!!
      • hahhahhahaha Paros is right across Naxos, You can take a small boat and do a day trip to Paros. Your daughter will love Paros...that where we always use to go for the summer with our friends...Night life is fantastic
      • Thank you!! This helps tremendously!! I’m starting to do all the details and this helps!
      • You are welcome...let's see what else can I tell you. If you are going to go to Plaka..walk around you will find in the side streets much better food. :)
      • Just booked a hotel in Naxos....osteria I think. Good?
      • And then we have the Ionian, Cefalonia, Zante, Corfu, Paxous and many many more
      • πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
      • And I know. But it’s my daughter graduation trip and she specifically wants to go to santorini. She even picked out the hotel. I’m just along for the ride and the acropolis
      • Try to get there in the morning...during the day it gets too hot!!
  2. Thanks! We have a pool at our hotel, and we’re early birds, so yeah, probably sightseeing earlyish.
  3. Yikes, where'd May go?! Honestly, it feels like time is zipping by way too quickly. I hope June is a good one for you lovely Β β™₯ xx
  4. Diana Tyler (la muse excentrique) β˜•
    Kalo Mina!

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