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Greek Trachana Soup (Cracked Wheat Soup)

Hi there,

Spring has officially arrived but it still continues to be quite chilly here.  I keep hoping that we will be able to take off the hats, gloves and jackets one of these days. SOONNN!!  Wellll, actually this is not completely true last Friday was quite warm, it reached a high of 21, but that was just for a few hours and in the middle of the day.  I don’t really think this counts as a hot day or does it?? 🙂  

Since, the weather continues to be chilly what better way to warm up then a nice bowl of Greek Trachana soup. Trachanas is made of a mixture of grain and yogurt.  My lovely Aunt Soula and my mom usually make homemade Trachana, so whenever my mom visits me she brings a large bag.  There are two types of Trachana, Sweet and  Sour Trachana.  I prefer the sour because it has a kick to it than the sweet trachana. If you add a bit of chilli into it OMG then you have a hot, sour delicious soup.

Once the soup was ready, I sat down and started to study.  Oh that’s right!! I forgot to mention it in my last post. I am having so much fun tutoring, that I decided to go ahead and take the TEFL course.  🙂 



  • 1 cup Trachana cracked wheat
  • 4 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 1 litre Vegetable Stock
  • 4 Tomatoes grated
  • Salt


  • Use fresh tomatoes for this soup.
  • Cut tomatoes into halves and use a blender or a food processor to blend on high speed.
  • In a large pot add in the Olive oil and tomatoes. Bring to a boil and add the Trachana.
  • Mix and continue by adding stock and salt. Boil at medium heat for about 10 minutes and until thickens.


  1. Oh my…can I have a bowl please? Even if here are 33 degrees right now I would love this soup 😋 Happy studying 😊

  2. Lovely hearty soup! Looks so beautiful & delicious.

  3. What a wonderful soup! Waiting for our warm up, too 🌻 Happy studying! 💗

  4. Have fun with your course Sophie!

  5. In the end, sometimes, I crumble some feta and add it into the soup.

    • Hello Helen, My apologizes for my late response. Yes, sometimes I do that but this time, I needed a change. hehehhe

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