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I hope you are all doing well.  So, I was contacted by this company that has some very interesting information in regards to eating Pumpkin.  Read on if you are a Pumpkin Lover and don’t forget to press the Link below!! 🙂

Many of us are looking for creative ways to improve our health through simple changes that don’t involve throwing out the pantry and starting over, or diving into a workout routine that consumes every spare minute. Luckily there are cooking choices and ingredient swaps that rely on easy-to-find ingredients to boost the health and nutrient level of even the most beloved dishes. One thing to take another look at? Pumpkin.

You’ll find pumpkin, of course, in a can, and you might not use it very much until autumn or Thanksgiving when some classic baking such as pumpkin pie rolls around. But pumpkin can be a much more flexible option that lends richness and texture to a variety of recipes.


It’s a source of natural sugar, not processed, and supplies a number of necessary minerals and vitamins for a more healthful diet. What are some of the ways to improve recipes with pumpkin? This graphic has some options.


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  1. Great info Sophie! I love pumpkin 😋 Next time I’ll try it in pancakes 🥞😉

  2. I actually eat pumpkin all year long! I stir it into my oatmeal for a nutrient boost😉

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