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The image has a wooden plate with a few pieces of zucchini croquetts and the whipped greek goat cheese dip. With two small white spoons. A mans hand is holding a zucchini and spreading some of the dip with one of the spoons onto the croquette. As a backdrop you can see a bit of wood and a green tablecloth.

Whipped Greek Goat Cheese Dip

Hello, Dips, dips, and dips are the summer essentials for our summer BBQ tables.   Goat cheese dip have you ever tried it?  If yes, that’s fab but if not then here is your chance.  This Whipped Greek Goat Cheese Dip is a light and refreshing dip made with fresh herbs. […]

salmon dip, rye bread, tomaotes, dill

Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Dip Recipe

Hey there, How is everyone doing?  Is it me or did this week go by slowwwwwly.   I am feeling a bit drained and looking forward to the weekend to get some rest.   I love it when the weather is sunny, with clear skies.   This always puts me in the mood […]