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Happy Easter

Happy Easter – Kalo Pasxha

Hey there friends,

I hope you are doing well.  Greek Orthodox Easter is on Sunday, May 2nd.  I have been working hard preparing a few things for our Easter treats such as dyeing eggs and baking Easter Cookies. The past few days I have been following posts and photos of my Greek Food Bloggers friends on IG and their blogs. I  loved all the Greek Cookies (Koulourakia) and dyed Eggs of all colors and designs.  There was so much thought put into each and every design!!  They looked more like paintings than dyed Eggs…

But I did something different this year I went back in time and tradition.  I dyed my eggs Red which is how they used to dye them back in the day in the villages.  But preparing the cookies was my favorite part of this year’s preparation.  I tried to shape my cookies the way my grandmother used to shape them uneven and made with love. 🙂


I would like to wish my family and friends a wonderful Easter!!






  1. Lovely! What did you use to get the eggs so brilliantly red Sophie?
  2. What a wonderful idea to get into the history and tradition. I never would have thought about dying eggs until your blog! In case I don't speak to you before then... Greek Orthodox Easter for Sunday, Sophie!!! xxxx
  3. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter celebration Sophie!❤️

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