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Good Month / Kalo Mina

Hello everybody,

I am back!!!  I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. 

I wish every a Good and Healthy Month

Stay Safe and I will be posting a recipe soon.





  1. Welcomed back dear Sophie! Have a wonderful month! Stay safe! 🤗🌸

  2. Sophiiiiiieeeeee, lovely to ‘see’ you again! Is that a new font in the header, or is my memory just that bad? I love it. I want to steal it!

    Happy October! I honestly don’t know where the time’s going but I guess the faster this awful year is over the better. Hopefully autumn will be cosy and positive for you lovely xx

    • Good morning Sweet girl How are you feeling?? This definitely was the strangest summer I have ever had believe me. I changed the Theme about a month and half ago 🙂 Thank youuuu!! sending you huge hugsss

  3. I came back to see your comment and realised I had a brain blip – I have seen it before, d’oh 😂 I’ve been going through the fonts on my theme and trying to make new headers for it, so I’m super aware of fonts at the moment!
    Let’s hope the autumn months are a little less strange, although I have a feeling nothing will be quite right this year! xx

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