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omelette in a cold cast pan with vegetables

Baked Vegetable Omelet Recipe

Hey there foodies,

Omelets were only for breakfast in the past and still are don’t get me wrong.  Omelets have evolved into something more than just a breakfast meal but a meal for lunch and dinner.  These quick recipes are a great idea when you really can’t think of anything to put together quickly.

I used frozen vegetables for this recipe, but you can use fresh ones if you have some in your garden or store-bought.  The supermarket was all out of peppers so I remembered the frozen pack I had at home. I threw in a few eggs and fresh dill (of course there would be dill) and popped into the oven and I was done for dinner.  I also added cubed potatoes that were marinated with olive oil and smoked paprika pepper to give the omelet a smokey taste.  But you can use any shape or size of potatoes in this omelet.

I’ve been daydreaming lately and doing a lot of it.  I think I have lost my mojo and can’t get back into the swing of things.  I keep spending time looking at travel vloggers and where they are traveling off to this summer.  The latest videos that I have been watching are about Italy, the Almafi Coast.  Anyway else a daydreamer?  Where would you like to be now?

Have a nice weekend everyone!! 🙂

Vegetable Omelet with potatoes baked in a cold cast pan


  • 8 eggs large
  • 5 potatoes chopped and cubed
  • cups frozen vegetables 10-ounce package
  • dill finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp smoked paprika powder


  • Preheat oven to 180. Chop and cube potatoes, marinated in olive oil and smoked paprika powder. Toss and into the pan.
    small chop cubed potatoes marinated in olive oil and smoked paprika powder in a cast pan
  • Finely chop dill or any herb of your choice and add to the pan. Stir and cook until vegetables and potatoes are tender.
    vegetables, dill herb
  • Beat 8 eggs and pour into the pan. Bake uncovered for 20 minutes. Serve hot
    Vegetable Omelet with potatoes baked in a cold cast pan



  1. This looks wonderful! I wouldn't have thought of potatoes - it's that Greek touch!! Mollie
  2. Looks great, tempting 😋
  3. What a yummy dish! Reblog please…
  4. Love breakfast for dinner, and this looks like a winner! 😋

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