Yogurt, Honey & Walnut dessert

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  I hope you all had a great time!!  I wanted to start off the New Year with something light and healthy…what could be better than a nice bowl of Greek yogurt, drizzled with honey and topped off with walnuts..:)

I don’t know about you but we truly had too much to eat these past few days and soooo, I hope you enjoy this simple, healthy and delicious recipe. 🙂  



  • 150 grams Greek Yogurt
  • 100 grams whole Walnuts
  • 30 grams Walnuts chopped for topping
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon optional


  • Lay on the Walnuts on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Continue by spreading 2 tablespoons of yogurt on top of the walnuts.
  • Another layer of walnuts.
  • Top with yogurt, drizzle honey and chopped walnuts for topping.

Comments (35)

  • James J. Cudney IV 2 years ago Reply
    Looks wonderful, thanks for the share
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Thank you Jay....:)
  • Megala 2 years ago Reply
    Easy, tasty, healthy & guilt-free dessert !
  • jyo 2 years ago Reply
    Such an easy peasy and healthy dessert Sophie ✌✌ I always eat yoghurt and sugar....adding honey and walnuts is superb ✌✌
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Thanks Jyo....
  • mistimaan 2 years ago Reply
    So yummy it is
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Thanks P
  • Yogurt and honey is one of my favorite combination. Love the addition of walnuts as well. :)
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Thank you it is so delicious :)
  • chefkreso 2 years ago Reply
    Such a simple recipe, all of my friends would enjoy
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    It is the traditional Greek way to eat yogurt, but the truth be told it is delicious if someone does enjoy eating yogurt in a different way. :)
    chefkreso 2 years ago
    I know, I eat it this way sometimes, also can't wait to visit Greece! :D
    foodzesty 2 years ago
    If you like I can let you know where to go if your looking for a nice vacation...Just keep in mind Mykonos and Santorini are not the only islands in Greece :)
    chefkreso 2 years ago
    That would be great if you could chare any info and tips! :)
    foodzesty 2 years ago
    Sure no problem just let me know where in Greece you would like to go..the island the Aegean, the Ionian Islands which are absolutely beautiful, the colors of the sea are tourquoise, blue just stunning...or Mainland.. Let me know via email :)
    chefkreso 2 years ago
    Will do!! :D
    foodzesty 2 years ago
  • dtills 2 years ago Reply
    I have yogurt everyday, I am going to have to try this one out. YUM!
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Great!!! enjoy :)
  • Simple but delicious! Happy New Year! 😊❤
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Thank you Ursula...Happy New Year to you too
    Thank you!☺
    foodzesty 2 years ago
    Thank You Ursula. I keep missing your posts on WP for some reason..but I catch them on Instagram.
    You're welcome! No worries, I have a lot of catching up to do as well🤗😊
    foodzesty 2 years ago
  • This is so tasty - I often make it for me as a quick dessert! Thanks for sharing, Sophie :)
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Your welcome....thanks for letting us know what's added into the warm wine...I knew there was something but I wasn't sure :)
  • skd 2 years ago Reply
    Delicious and healthy dessert👌✨ Regards Ana
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Thank you Ana :)
  • Happy New Year, Sophie! <3 Delicious, easy and perfect snack for me :-) May give it a go soon as I have been craving today something like that. Amazing idea :-)
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    :) We all need somthing lighter after the holiday eats...I hope your son is feeling better.
    So true!! :-) He is, thanks for asking, Sophie! :-)
    foodzesty 2 years ago
  • abetterman21 2 years ago Reply
    Looks delicious. Love walnuts and they are really good for you apparently. Www.abetterman.xyz
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Thank you so much :)

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