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Spoiled Milk Tips and Tricks

Heyyy there,

How many times a week or month do you clean out your fridge?  Once? Twice? Never?? hahahaha  It happens with these busy lives that we all have (well when things were normal!! not now)  we forget to clean the fridge.  Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I do. 🙂   I have cleaned the shelves but keep in mind that the refrigerator I have is quite small.  And in the back, I have found a few things like lemons, or fruit that well just looks awful.  But one thing I have forgotten is Milk. 

I used to throw spoiled milk out until my mom came over one day manyyyy years go and gave me a few ideas on how to use spoiled milk.  At first, I would definitely roll my eyes hahahahhahah and give her the ” ohhhh, please leave me alone attitude”  (which she didn’t really like)  But then she showed me these little tricks which actually worked!! I thought you might enjoy reading and maybe using these some of them.   

  • If you like to work in your garden and do not use gloves here is a great way to get all that dirt out. Combine Wheat Flour and Milk in a small bowl until it thickens.  Rub on hands and wash away with water. 🙂
  • I some times buy fish and put them into the freezer, so to defrost the fish I add milk in a large bowl and then add in the fish. 🙂  Watch how quickly they defrost. 🙂
  • Silverware!  Add Milk and Vinegar into a bowl mix and dip in a cotton cloth and watch how it starts to shine!!
  • Milk is also great for Wood.  So if you have furniture that needs a bit of a shine use the mixture I mentioned for Silverware. 🙂

Just a few tips and tricks that I thought you might like to know..I do have a few more but will continue those in another post at a later time.  Let me know if you try any of these tips!!

Have a great day and Stay Safe!!!






  1. Oh wow, I had no idea about any of these. Wood and silverware could definitely be useful here, will keep the milk in mind! Thanks for sharing.xx
  2. Great tips! Thanks for the share.
  3. Wow! I had no idea about these wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing, Sophie.
  4. Great tips! But I have to admit, we never have milk around long enough for it to spoil 😂

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