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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with happiness, good health, and everything that your hearts desire.

We moved to a new country in December and we have not yet found a place to call home.  At the moment we are staying at an Airbnb so this is why I have not been posting,  I am optimistic and hoping that in the next few weeks we will find something.  🙂

Have a great first day of the new year!!


Sophie 🙂




  1. Καλή χρονιά κούκλα μου!! Happy happy New Year from a land of no power for 6 days and counting. I hope you guys find a place soon? Lots of love to you 3! Miss you!
  2. Wishes for Happiness in 2022, foodzesty
  3. That's a huuuuuge change. A whopper of a change, so take your time with things and it'll work out. I hope you find the place that feels just right soon to call home. Wishing you & yours all the very best for a Happy New Year! 🥳 I hope 2022 is kind to you as you start on your next chapter in a new country! ❤️ xx
  4. Americaoncoffee
    Almost a month late but anyhow, Cheers! 🎶❤️🎈

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