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Easy No Knead Homemade Bread

Easy No Knead Homemade Bread Recipe

Hey guys,

How are things?  I hope everyone is well…Would love to hear from you!!  

I am confused with something uff  A few days ago I read that as food bloggers we should not be writing content that has to do with our lives.  All we should be doing is just posting the recipe and that’s it.  Well, personally I find that boring and I’ll tell you why.  I follow bloggers and I mean all sorts of bloggers from Authors,  Lifestyle, Food, Psychology, Health, Exercising, Gardening and basically everything that interests me.  I so enjoy reading about what these bloggers are doing throughout their day. Some actually have me laughing so much that I have tears.  Others express their emotions and they make me cry.  The fact that I am being brought into their world is definitely so COOL!!  

What I would definitely not enjoy is going into a food blogger’s blog and just seeing the recipe and the ingredients.  I would like to read the recipe but I would also like to know and learn more about this person, I don’t mind if you post a photo or you don’t post a photo of yourself on your blog but I would like to know who you are and are your interests.  So in my personal opinion, I think that posting short stories about what we do throughout the day just puts a smile on someone’s face.   But then again that’s just me 🙂 sharing my own personal opinion.

Ok, so back to the recipe. I’ve seen posts these past few days of bloggers making/baking Banana Bread.   I love the photos and the recipes but I am one of those people who seriously does not enjoy eating Bananas.  🙂   Whenever I see my husband heading towards the kitchen counter and picking up a banana, that is my time to exit the room. heheheh  I seriously don’t like the smell.  The last time I ate a banana I think I was about 7 years old. 🙂  

Ahh anyway, after looking at those beautiful photos of everyone’s banana bread I decided to make my own bread.  No banana, olives, just plain homemade bread. The process is quite simple, a few ingredients and a waiting period of about 4 to 5 hours before baking.  I know you might be thinking just about now, 4 to 5 hours!!??  But believe me, once you sink your teeth into this warm bread you will love it.


Easy No Knead Homemade Bread

Easy No Knead Homemade Bread Recipe

A simple recipe with just a few ingredients that makes a delicious Homemade Bread
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Course Homemade
Cuisine Mediterranean
Servings 2 people


  • 1 ½ cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 ½ tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 cup Lukewarm water Add more if necessary
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • Poppy Seeds or Sesame Seeds


  • In a large bowl mix dry ingredients, start with Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Add Lukewarm water
  • Combine
  • Cover bowl with a piece of Kitchen Paper and Aluminum Foil. Set aside for 4 to 5 hours in a warm area until dough rises.
  • Pre-heat oven at 180 degrees and bake until golden brown
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  1. Mmmm I love the smell of freshly baked bread and always used to eat it warm when I was little (my mother always told me not too because 'it'll expand and explode and hurt your tummy if you eat it hot') 😂 The closest I've got to actually making bread is buying pre-packed part-baked baguettes. I definitely need to try making bread one day - I'll save this recipe, so thanks for sharing! Whoever decided to give the 'advice' of not sharing personal information on food blogs should probably be told you shouldn't give unwanted, unwarranted advice on their own blog! What tosh. I totally agree with you - if you want to write personal updates and such, do it. I personally love reading it and that's what I find most engaging if I were to compare two blogs - one with just recipes, and one with recipes with a personal touch - that's how you connect with the other person, you feel they're real. Brain is a little mush but I hope that made sense. Basically, I agree with you! Caz xx
  2. Oh my goodness, who decided they got hired as the cooking blog police?? Please by all means write all about yourself because I like what you have to say! As much as I love your recipes, I love hearing about what's going on with you Sophie. I am so happy that Caz commented before me so she could do all the typing and convey exactly what I was feeling :) Thank you also for the bread recipe. You can never have too many bread recipes! :)
    • Blog police, I like that! xx
      • I mean really. Who does that? It's a blog. I thought you were allowed to put what YOU want in your OWN blog LOL ;)
      • hahahahahah the BLOG POLICEEEEE HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Actually can you believe that there are food bloggers who do prefer to just write the recipe and nothing more!
      • What do they say...here's the recipe, enjoy! ?? LOL Just kidding. To each his own but still I prefer some chatter. It makes me feel as if we are sitting in your kitchen, while you are sharing a delicious recipe with me.
      • Yep, Me too :)
      • That is hysterical.....Today is my birthday and I was dancing with Charlie to Duo Lipa Break my heart"it's actually Charlie's birthday too hahahahhah. So, I sat to take a break and I went into my blog I couldnt stop laughing. Marg is sooo funnyyyy Love you bothththththththtthhthth
    • Hiiiii Aww thanks so much!! I just responded to Caz...I was quite surprised to read that some Food Blogger prefer just writing the recipe. Where is the fun in that???. I am a very social person and I could not imagine just writing and recipe and not having you respond and make me laugh sometimes. :) Huge hugsss
  3. Aww Sophie - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 🎉🌹🎉🌹🎉🌹🎉 And to Charlie, too, can't forget him 😉 I hope you can have a restful weekend and can celebrate in your own way, even though I'm sure this birthday isn't looking how you ever expected it would. xxxx
  4. I love the smell of freshly baked bread at home and luckily my husband is pretty good at doing it 😉 I love banana bread but my husband doesn't like it so no banana bread in our house either 🤪 This is so simple to make and definitely worth it that 4-5 hours of waiting 🤪
  5. this look great! 🍌 my problem is finding flour!! I am going to have to order it from King Arthur I think!
    • I had such a hard time finding flour....I found one last package at the very back of the shelf. ahhahaha... I seriously did some stretching to reach it.. hhahah

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