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A Cookbook Project :)

Hello everyone!! 

I wanted to share a bit of great news with you, a few months ago I was contacted by Chef Anthony D. Marzetti from http://www.myculinaryhome.com, in regards to a cookbook project he was working on.  This cookbook would involve Food Bloggers from around the world submitting their favorite recipe.  Chef Dewey asked me if I would like to participate in this project, I was so honored and surprised at the same time and of course I did want to take part. 🙂  I submitted my Greek Beef Stew with Homemade Pasta recipe, and it has been published in the cookbook I have posted below..  

I would like to thank Chef Dewey once again for letting me take part in this wonderful project!!  

Thank you Chef 🙂


Sophie 🙂


  1. Congrats Sophie! That is Awesome!!!!
  2. Nikolas Sismanis
    Bravo sophie!!!
  3. Congratulations Sophie! That are great news!
  4. Wow that's a great news Sophie, my hearty congrats and keep up your awesome work 💯
  5. Congratulations, Sophie! That's amazing! :-) <3 Well done!
  6. Very exciting - that's so wonderful!!! :)
  7. Hearty Congratulations dear Sophie :).. Indeed an awesome moment :)
  8. Congrats :)
  9. Great Job, Sophie. Many congrats. It looks wonderful and tasty and well deserved to be published
  10. Oh my gosh Sophie! This is so wonderful!! I am so happy for you my dear friend💕congratulations!! Might there be more collaborations with this chef??😊
    • Thank you my dear friend...I sent you an email Dee while back did you not receive it? mmmhhh...can you let me know if you did or not..it was towards the end of January...I was having problems with my internet back then. I have no idea if there would be any more collaborations, but I loved being part of this and the money from the sales will go to a children's hospital which makes me very very happy :)
  11. How exciting! Congratulations :)
  12. How exciting. Congrats Sophie! So happy for you!
  13. That is amazing!! Congratulations Sophie! Your beef stew looks delicious!😚
  14. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse)
    This is so exciting! Congrats Sophie and I'll suggest this book for our library.

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