Potato Soup with Fun Chipotle Soy Sauce

Hello everyone,

I am back and I hope I find you all well. Our vacation back home was very nice and relaxing. The weather had its on and off days but most of the time we had sun, and  the beaches were wonderful with beautiful colors and warm waters.  I will of course be uploading photos later on this month of our road trip to Greece via the different countries we passed on our way down.

I have only been back a few days, so from the hot climate and wearing shorts, a bathing suit all day, to wearing boots and a warm jacket, fighting the strong winds and trying to walk Charlie is a challenge. While the wind was literally pushing us in all directions, I decided that this was definitely a soup day, Potato soup actually with this wonderful product I found before I left, and absolutely wanted to share with you.  

If you love Soy Sauce,  you will  love this product… Fun Soy Sauce is a Asian style soy sauce made in the UK.  (love the brand name!!!!) I am a soy sauce fan, and I was intrigued by the name and wanted to try this out.  

Fun Soy has 3 different types of sauces Truffle, Lemongrass, and Chipotle,  I was only able to find Chipotle in my store even though I really wanted to try the Truffle soy sauce, but Chipotle surely made up for it. 🙂  It has a Smokey, Chili, and yet spicy delicious taste that can be used as a marinade, in soups, meat, and any type of  food you enjoy adding Soy sauce.  I made the Potato soup and sprinkled the Soy sauce on top, Chipotle made the taste even more delicious…the Potato soup with the velvety texture was a huge success.  🙂

I am sure you guys in the UK are able to find the other two Fun Soy sauces.  Let me know if you do, and if you loved it as much as I did.

Hope you enjoy this Fall recipe….:)


1 Kilo Potatoes chopped into cubes

1 Leek sliced

1 liter Chicken or Vegetable Broth

2 Tablespoons cooking butter or 4 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

1 cup Yogurt (not the 0% fat)

2 slices of Bacon diced into small pieces (optional)






                                                       Fun Soy Chipotle Soy Sauce 🙂




Wash potatoes and cut into cubes.


Slice Leek into small pieces.


In a large sauce pan add in the butter or the Olive oil and toss in the potatoes and leek. Stir on low heat for about 10 minutes.  Just enough for the potatoes to soften.  Add in the Chicken or Vegetable broth, salt,  pepper and stir for another 5 minutes.


Once the mix has softened add the mixture into a blender and mix until it becomes one velvety mass.


Place back into the sauce pan and add the yogurt and the bacon.  Stir and let simmer for about 20 minutes.


Add into a lovely soup bowl and sprinkle the Chipotle Soy sauce, and sit back and enjoy the taste.  🙂

Kali Orexi!!! 🙂



Comments (40)

  • Looks so delicious! Mainly for days like that ;-) I wish I could have one right now! :-)
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Thanks Vero...
  • Perfect recipe for the weather today :)
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    So, the weather in Austria is not good either
    Black clouds and storm...
    foodzesty 3 years ago
    Same here
  • mistimaan 3 years ago Reply
    Looks like a very tasty and nice recipe.
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Thank you!! :)
  • Welcome back! I missed you!
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Awww thank you!! Miss you too :)
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    It's nice to be back. How is everything?
    Pretty good! A little crazy, but that's normal. You?
    foodzesty 3 years ago
    I am ok, have been back just a few days trying to settle back into everyday life.
    Great to have you back!
    foodzesty 3 years ago
    Nice to be back..I am behind on my post readings.. wayyyyy behind have a lot of catching up to do......I got a chance to read your last two posts...Loveee themmmm....
    Thanks! You'll get there!!😀
  • olivetreebythesea 3 years ago Reply
    Perfect recipe and super lovely bowl! 😃
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Thanks!! :) picked up the bowl when I was back home in Greece. :)
  • Anshu Agarwal 3 years ago Reply
    This is looking so delicious !!
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Thank you so much :)
  • dtills 3 years ago Reply
    HI Sophie! So glad you had a great time and are back! I am now in AZ and it is too hot for any soup right now, but when I get back to Seattle I am sure it will be the best thing to have with a football game :) I also love that pot! Adorable!
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Hi Dee dee, I know it is very hot in AZ, I hope you are enjoying and loving your new home. :) It is kind of chilly here so soup was the best choice. Be safe and enjoy AZ :) Loving your post about your vacation. Huge hugs
  • jyo 3 years ago Reply
    Sounds interesting and delicious.... excellent for this chilling weather !!
  • chefkreso 3 years ago Reply
    Great recipe with a twist, yummy!
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Thank you! :)
  • preppypinkpiglet 3 years ago Reply
    Looks delicious <3 https://projectmusings9.com
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Thank you Mona :)
    preppypinkpiglet 3 years ago
    Good to have you back on WP 😘
    foodzesty 3 years ago
    Aww Thank you, nice to be back...:)
  • MoJo 3 years ago Reply
    I think you need your own app, and I know that I need to buy it. Once again this looks so good. My mouth is absolutely salivating and this looks ideal. Instead I am about to make frozen waffles. (Eyeroll at myself). I actually do cook, but I wish I cooked like you. I wonder if I could crock pot this soup and let it get all smooshy during the day. Thoughts on crock pot versus a general stove top approach?
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    hahahahhaha I purchased a crock pot before I left, my mom was a fan of it in the states but I never really wasn't sure about it. The first meal I made in it was a recipe a blogger friend posted and it was absolutely delicious...Wait till you see today's post it really is simple to make. I am sure you cook and I love frozen waffles but they don't exist or I haven't been able to find them here....:( An APPPPP oh come onnnnn!!! there are so many fantastic cooks out there
    MoJo 3 years ago
    Wait - there is a place without frozen waffles??? 😂
    foodzesty 3 years ago
    Ohhhhh yes there isssss
    MoJo 3 years ago
    foodzesty 3 years ago
    I know rightttttt uffffff
    foodzesty 3 years ago
    Funny I know hahahhaha well,,just posted my Pasta Pie :)
  • Dascha 3 years ago Reply
    Yum, looks delicious, we will be trying this one!
    foodzesty 3 years ago Reply
    Thank you let me know how it came out :)
  • eivannoni 2 years ago Reply
    Yum!!! I wonder if we have those soy sauces in the states? Will have to look.
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    :) It is really good, i will check and see if they distribute in the US and get back to you :)

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