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Mini Chocolate Bundt Sponge Cakes

Hey there, During the holidays’ everyone spends hours in the kitchen baking.  Vanilla Butter Cookies, Gingerbread cookies, cakes, and of course our very own Greek New Years’ cake.  So, I did continue to work on my baking skills, I baked a Greek Vasilopita, cookies, and these delicious Mini Chocolate Bundt […]

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a Very Good Month!!     2020 was definitely a challenging year for everyone and so with this new year ahead of us, I am just going to say what a good friend of mine from the UK told me a few years […]

sugar powder, star shaped cookies, orange peels

Snow coated Vanilla Bourbon Butter Cookies (Kourambiedes)

Merry Christmas!! I am just going to jump right in and tell you how I spent my Christmas this year.  I spent it in the kitchen tackling my baking skills.  That’s right I thought it was about time to tackle this one.  I spent a few hours tweaking, experimenting with […]

Greek Walnut Christmas Cookies

Hellooo, During the Christmas holiday, Greeks go into a cookie baking mode, but then again so do I. But this year some of my friends have decided to keep it low-key.  No baking, cooking, I  know this year has been very difficult for everyone, but I still think we should […]

Easy Herb Cheese Bite Recipe

Hey there, Over the weekend I picked the last of my herbs from my mini herb garden.   I washed and pat dried my herbs like I always do and went ahead and prepared these Herb Cheese Bites.   This Easy Herb Cheese Bite Recipe is so simple anyone can put them […]

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Crunchy Savory Cookie Recipe

I’m back to backing again!!  It was a success in baking these delicious Crunchy Savory Cookies.  The first batch went well, with no issues that definitely is an accomplishment for me.  I decided not to add herbs or cheeses this time but I will when I make another batch a […]